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Double 10w florescent tube for 360 lighting distribution.
Emergency light turns on automatically when power failure occurs.
Auto-notifying when battery is fully charged.
Built-in sealed lead-acid rechargeable battery 6V/4.5AH.
Equipped with “Over charge protection circuit” for an extended battery life .
Special discharge circuit prevents FL tube from turning black when in use.
Accepts AC 220V or 12V DC power source for recharging ( car lighter) .


Input: 110V220V AC (auto) - 12V DC .
Charging time: 12-20 hours (depends on power voltage).
Battery type: 6V/4.5AH sealed maintenance-free lead acid
rechargeable battery.
Tube: 10w x 2 flourescent tubes.
Lighting duration: 5 hours with 1 tube
                          2.5 hours with 2 tube